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DMLI67U95ZTools -> Find cannot find a user with the first name of A. Other names in the address book that have an A in their name were...
ARON6AQTF3Fixed an installation failure ("Server not responding") when trying to connect using the Domino style server name that is stored in the Notes.ini,...
ARON65RJWRAutopreview now works for documents that have both an HTML and a TEXT/MIME part.
DMLI67BAPGUpdating only start/end of single appointment does not replicate to another Outlook on first time. This problem has been fixed in...
CFAL64EC5UText was missing from a mail message that had previously been edited and saved as draft.
DMLI5YX9LVNormally when a Microsoft Outlook object is created there are no special DAMO properties in that object. However in a copy/past or drag/drop the...
DMLI5YX5UMA rescheduled repeating meeting can be replicated to Outlook 2003 from Notes.
DMLI67HACGWhen assistant proposes new time, the notice in Notes displays the new time as -1.
ZRWG6BC4ABThe first sentence of text in the "Access to Your Mail & Calendar" Preference dialog is truncated. The word "groups" was not...
DMLI67J9LAThe Notes client keeps lists of users who were delegated access through the 'Access & Delegation' tab.
These lists are separate from the 'Access...
DMLI672ATAMember name and e-mail of distribution list are both displayed as the 3rd letter of full name. For XP and 2003, we convert a unicode string to LMBCS...
FSIZ66JRDZFixed a problem where the flag for Reminder does not remain set for an invitee or in a chair's calendar. Changed code to pull reminder flag and...
FSIZ66VL2HMessages may be deleted from the local mailfile in spite of the ACL settings, but will remain in the server mailfile.
FSIZ668J3CThis fix allows the value in the option "Do not replicate messages older than" to be as low as 7 days. Prior to this fix, the lower limit was 30...
FSIZ6AALBHIf a Follow up flag is set in Notes, the records are not listed in the "Follow up" view in Microsoft Outlook.
PTUL686J7PDAMO created an incorrect MIME stream that caused a conversion on the server making the attachment invisible to the user. The attachments were in...
NRBY69ESY4Removed an override of warning levels during compile.
NRBY69TS9YWith certain clients, messages that contain plain text inside arrow characters disappeared.
NRBY6AFQ2NItems dragged from a managed user's mailfile to any store but the main store does not refresh/clear the UNID. This problem has been fixed in...
DMLI6685W5Images with MIME type application/octet-stream are not rendered in the body of the message. This problem has been fixed in 6.5.5.
SBOR6B6PECFixed a problem where the "Decline Counter with Comments" message appears in the DAMO Inbox with no text in the body. Microsoft Outlook does not...


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